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After many years of neglect, Algeria destination has experienced a renewed interest. This progress has been marked by the emergence of new products beside the traditional discovery and relaxation stays, at a time when the Algerian government is setting up a strategy for tourism development by the year 2015. As part of the different economic development programmes established in 2001, Algeria has launched a strategy to grow its economy with the specific aim of improving the competitiveness of its national commerce. The key aspects of this economic policy ― based primarily on developing investments, upgrading businesses, regulating industry activities, and the privatisation and redeployment of the economic sector ― aim to bring about a structural transformation of the economy in order to adapt to the changes brought about by economic globalisation. At the same time, it should enable the country to close the gap in terms of its infrastructure, particularly in the transport sector. The Algerian state is putting large sums of money towards the initiative (200 billion dollars for the 2004-2009 programme and 286 billion dollars for the 2010-2014 programme), while leaving the doors open to foreign investment in a number of sectors (industry, agriculture, fishing and aquaculture, telecommunications, public works, improvement of the public sector and transport). There are therefore enormous opportunities on offer to foreign investors interested in intervening in the country. Foreign investment is required to improve national production in order to, on the one hand, reduce the number of imports, and on the other hand, diversify national exports. To this end, foreign investors are expected to facilitate a transfer of technology, in particular the distribution of new technologies and the development of managerial capacities.


Avenue Molière 207
Bruxelles 1050

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  • Independence Date: 5 July 1962 (from France)
  • Capital: Algiers
  • TLD: dz Phone code: +213


Horaires d'ouverture des bureaux : Du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 17h.

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